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New book by a Jicarilla Apache  

New book by a Jicarilla Apache  

Maitland, Florida- The NEW Xulon Press book released today, Front Runner-The Story Of An Apache Indian, is an overcoming, spiritual journey. All who read this incredible story of one Apache Indian are blessed as they discover the secrets of its author's astounding daily walk with God.

Reynard Faber, a member of the Jicarilla Apache Nation serves as the Honorary and Traditional Chieftain for the Jicarilla Apache people, was born into poverty, abuse, alcoholism and even prejudice from within the white man's boarding school in the late 1960's and early 1970's. For years it seemed these tragic events and circumstances would overcome him and ruin him.

But, one fateful day he "accidently" discovers the remnants of a tattered old Bible and devours it's teachings. Soon thereafter, in child-like faith he expects God to act, and so engenders miracle after miracle experienced on the Reservation and around the world.


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More information:

Title: Front Runner-The Story Of An Apache Indian

Author: Reynard Faber

Retail: $20.00

ISBN: 9781628386133

Publisher: Xulon Press, 866-381-2665


Author is available for phone and in-person interviews as well as motivational speaking.




Reynard Faber

P.O. Box 1981

Dulce, New Mexico 87528